New Zealand Herald, November 2013
Elisabeth Easther

Tom Loughlin (Tuwharetoa), creator of the Kai Waho Experience, took charge of us, spiriting us away into the woods for a Poronui picnic.

Tom's a regular at the lodge, taking local and international guests on authentic cultural experiences, focusing on food, culture and the wilderness, his stories organically peppered with te reo. Tom also takes guests hunting, (or walking with guns if you prefer) and visits to his pa and stays in the whare can also be arranged.

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June 18 2013
Maria Shollenbarger

Renewed zeal

The land of the long white cloud holds more than legendary landscapes and world-class wines. Maria Shollenbarger hears captivating tales from Maori leaders, Pakeha farmers – and the expats who are rewriting the story of New Zealand’s bar-setting hospitality.

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Traveller, The Sydney Morning Herald, April 2012
The Kai Waho experience was number 35 on The Sydney Morning Herald's list of "Hottest Spots: The Top 100 Travel Adventures." See why it rated so highly in a list of the best of the best.

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The Australian Financial Review - Executive Survivor in New Zealand, March 2012

Tom Loughlin had a group of Auckland executives coming up that weekend for a post-GFC survival course. They would need to skin a carcass, butcher it and cook it. They would learn how to find and store water, how to build a brush shelter in the forest and how to navigate around wilderness.  They were all chief financial officers. The idea of moneymen conducting a back-to-nature survival course might not show much confidence in the economy but, then, New Zealanders are always ready to throw themselves back into the wilderness and test themselves against the environment.

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Poronui - Kai Waho First Hand, April 2010

Driving the well-worn and rugged 4WD track to Tamau Pā set the scene for the visit. By the time we arrived at the waharoa, or entrance to the pā, we felt like we had reached wilderness.

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The Point Villas

Tom Loughlin, our legendary tangata whenua (person of the land) will ensure your visit is as energetic or as tranquil as you wish.  Enjoy guided trout fly fishing, witness sika deer roaming freely . . .  learn about traditional weaving, weaponry and carving.

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Good Living, The Sydney Morning Hearald, January 2010

A small clearing deep inside an ancient Beech forest in New Zealand's remote Kaweka Ranges is not the most obvious place to conduct a cooking demonstration, but that's exactly what Tom Loughlin...

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Emerging High-End Māori Tourism

Emerging high-end Māori tourism. One of our points of difference is that we are hands-on with our clients: guiding them, settling them into lodges, seeing their immediate reactions and answering for every aspect of their time in New Zealand.

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‘Ko te mahi o te Ariki, ko te aroha me te manaaki.’

‘The service of a high chief is the compassion and caring for the people’

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What is your most memorable experience on this trip and why?

Many to choose from...the real standout was the Kai Waho Experience with Tom Loughlin; a unique product in an exceptional setting, and one that I’m sure will attract considerable media coverage as the word gets out.

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Nature - Native Bush

Explore the tranquil sub-alpine homeland.  Take the opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna, and of the region's signficance to its Ngāti Tuwharetoa kaitiaki (caretakers).

Kai - Māori Food Experience

A culinary experience and a journey into the history of Māori kai (food).  Create your own hākari (feast) using traditional methods used by pre-European Maori.  Experience a traditional Māori hangi.


Sustainability is a Kai Waho core value.

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“Ko te mahi o te Ariki, ko te aroha me te manaaki”
“The service of a high chief is the compassion and caring for the people.”