From Tamau Pā you have exclusive access to a magnificent native wilderness. This wilderness, unchanged for hundreds of years, features unspoilt views and breath-taking natural beauty. Here you can explore the tranquil sub-alpine homeland of the Tuwharetoa iwi (tribe).

Learn how how Māori traditionally used the flora and fauna to live in harmony with what land and nature provided. The area was a trading route for centuries before Europeans arrived. Passing tribes traded seafood for valuable rocks used to make tools and weapons.Today the forests are still abundant with the same bird life, with the exception of the extinct Moa (although you never know!).

The stunning Ripia River runs through the land, forming waterfalls and swimming holes. The crystal clear water is pure enough to drink. Enjoy guided trout fly fishing or catch an eel the traditional Māori way.

Discover the region’s significance to its Ngāti Tuwharetoa kaitiaki (tribal caretakers) as you walk the land and learn about the legends and history.

Or simply relax and enjoy the scenery and surroundings.

The Kai Waho Experience is whatever you want it to be.

Horse Riding
Māori first travelled across these lands on foot. The arrival of the horse meant they could travel more quickly and in more comfort than before, but the close physical relationship with, and understanding of, the land was maintained.

Horse treks with Kai Waho offer our guests an authentic experience of this traditional Māori means of travel. Like travellers of old, you'll see, breathe and feel the Tuhwaretoa land.

Most of our rides take place during the warmer seasons. Morning and evening rides coincide with the increased activity of the local wildlife. Rides after sunset or at night heighten all senses. For comfort, safety and the ultimate enjoyment, our rides are limited to up to four confident riders.

We welcome New Zealand visitors who wish to bring their own horses. Tamau Pā facilities are basic, but we cater for the care and comfort of both horse and rider.


Traditionally, Māori were guided in their hunting by natural events indicating a change in season. Māori kaitiaki (caretaker) values ensured respectful food-gathering, and the preservation of bounty for the future. Today, we hunt the wild, free ranging Sika deer respecting the same values. We hunt seasonally, selectively, and we're thankful for what we take from the forest. This means we're mindful of what we leave for the future. Our respect for and care of the natural world and environment governs everything we do at Kai Waho.

Our hunting season starts late March and goes through to mid May. All hunts are co-ordinated to minimise pressure on the land.  The hunt is part of a wider experience - our guests enjoy the wilderness as they move through it, they enjoy, for example, reading the tell tale signs left by a rutting Sika stag. They enjoy the company they are sharing. 

Trophy hunters, meat hunters, junior hunters, overseas travellers, first time hunters -  all will enjoy their Sika hunt with a Kai Waho Māori guide, who in turn is guided by his ancestors.


The picturesque Ripia river runs through the block and offers the keen fly fisherman the chance to catch a beautiful Tamau trout.

Nature - Native Bush

Explore the tranquil sub-alpine homeland.  Take the opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna, and of the region's signficance to its Ngāti Tuwharetoa kaitiaki (caretakers).

Kai - Māori Food Experience

A culinary experience and a journey into the history of Māori kai (food).  Create your own hākari (feast) using traditional methods used by pre-European Maori.  Experience a traditional Māori hangi.


Sustainability is a Kai Waho core value.

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“Ko te mahi o te Ariki, ko te aroha me te manaaki”
“The service of a high chief is the compassion and caring for the people.”